A Walk Around of Indian Travel and Tourism Industry

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In today’s date and time, the Travel and Tourism Industry has emerged as one of the largest and rapidly growing sectors globally. This advancement in people or we can say that this change in the lifestyle of people, driving this sector at a very smooth pace. It was like, whenever people get time (regardless of striking Second’s hand in the clock), they just pack their bags and leave their den in the quest for more. And there are two types of people, some like to be a traveler and some just want to remain a tourist.

Let me clear this, as we have two words ‘TRAVEL’ and ‘TOURISM’, they both have their uniqueness and different meaning from each other. If a person is travelling or consider himself a traveler, that person is more likely to explore the PART. And if a person is considering himself a tourist, then that person bound of a detailed ITINERARY. That is the difference between these two words.

Role of Technology in Travel and Tourism Industry

Upon the growth in technology, people all around the world get to know about different mesmerizing parts of the World. Same like in the others, technology has played a vital role in the Travel and Tourism Sector.

Internet, Reservations Systems, and Mobile communication, these are the three main vehicles of technology in this Travel and Tourism Industry. The Internet has helped people in finding out the various beautiful places all around the world. Reservations Systems has helped people in exploring or visiting those places with all the ease.

Travel and Tourism Industry in India

Notwithstanding with the size, every country or people from every country, contributing their part in the Growth of this Travel and Tourism Industry. But according to a study done in 2016, India is emerging out as a country which is giving an utmost part in making this industry blooming like this. Behind China, India’s contribution was more than double the Thailand. And to the amazement, Thailand is the third largest country which is contributing to this sector.

India has an enormous potential in the tourism sector. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Pakke-Kessang (a district in Arunachal Pradesh) to Kutch, every region has its own flavour of tourists’ places. Having a wide variety of tourist places, India offers great choices for visitors.

Not only the outbound tourism but India now also promoting inbound tourism under several government schemes. Now, in India travelling is a lifestyle of many but few. People are coming out from their dens just to observe all the colours which are present at this Mother Earth.

Having a wide range, India has some very popular tours like Same Day Luxury Tours, Golden Triangle Tours, Overnight Tours, and many more. People choose packages according to their needs and time.

As Travel and Tourism Industry is becoming the bigger one, it has various opportunities and challenges. And all that part will be cover in the next post. So, keeping this post to this point only, I would like to call it an end. Keep in touch for all the travel related things, especially for that Same Day Agra Tours and Overnight Tours.

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