Bar Hopping Agra’s New Travelling Trend

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As a traveller, a person thinks that it could be a better choice of a city, that it may have all kinds of fun. Fun like digging in some historical anecdotes of that city, gathering the data that how it preserved the traditions of that all time. Across the length and the breadth of the city, everything has its own uniqueness, which is the best part to have some misty memories. So, for those notorious ones, Agra has a New Trend which nowadays known as Bar Hopping in Agra.

Bar Hopping
Bar Hopping in Agra

A person who just not want to visit some well famous places, but also wants to get some information by moving out from the box (in fact, has a traveling heart), loves the living nightlife of that city. So, keeping the priority of those kinds of people, we have customized a tour plan i.e. Bar Hopping in Agra.

What does this Bar Hopping mean?

Bar Hopping or Pub Crawling is the new trend of tourism in the tourism industry. It goes like this, a bunch of mates, decides to taste some drinks by visiting in different Bars. They want to crawl from one bar to the other and to the next one. And Agra is now one of those cities, which can easily offer this thing to the seekers. Because it has many outstanding Bars, rooftop restaurants, pubs, and discs.

Bar Hopping in Agra

All those historical monuments only open up in the daytime, except the Taj which opens up for five days at the time of Full Moon. (Want to see the Taj Mahal on that night, visit this link – Taj Mahal in Moonlight).

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So, what will we do in the night? Agra, the capital city at the times of the Mughal regime. From this point, It has to be a classic one. Agra not only shares its monuments, but it also shares its grandeur love with those who love to get themselves tipsy. Bar Hopping in Agra is really a nice Idea for the lovers of the dark and focused-lights.

Bar Hopping in Agra can provide many new fascinating facets about this very-own historical city. And by choosing a dedicated group of people to take all the advantages of this Bar Hopping in Agra (who can manage the tickets, the passes, and a cab with all the safety) could be the icing on the cake.

What people usually do at this Bar Hopping in Agra?

Everyone can relate to it through a story.

A flock of some hipsters decides to visit a bar for having some drinks. They visit at the first bar, they have some shots or pegs and talks about which places they should visit the next for more fun and enjoyment. Discussing with the whole squad they opt out a bar and flocked towards it.

Bar Hopping Trend

At the second bar, they have some beers or whatever they liked. But the conversation must go like, 40% how great is this place, 40% which one should be the next and the last one, and 20% about how this place is worse than the other ones they have in option. Amidst all, they find out the next place to visit by doing Google or brainstorming.

In the third bar, they are in the best mood and they must talk about the bars and which bar is the best one (it is not necessary to talk about bars, it just a mood of doing some fun). But the time took them in their highness, and they leave out that topic and start creating their own topics. It sounds like a crazy idea. But it has that charm. Having a mad night out with the like-minds is really the craziest idea.

How Bar Hopping in Agra helps in exploring it to the depth?

There are innumerable bars in Agra. From the very expensive one to the budget places, you can opt-out of the best one for you. Having two pegs down in the bar of Hotel Amar Villas to the staring at the Taj Mahal while sitting in a rooftop restaurant, each of them has their own unique class.

From the crowd to the interior of each bar and restaurant, you will able to connect with the culture, the history, and tradition of the city. And surely you will develop a great perspective of the city. Certainly, you will get some great tips and tricks to explore the best of the city.

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