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In the history of India and the United States of America, the largest event held in India which is showing the bonhomie of these two. On 24 fourth of February, Donald Trump, the president of one of the biggest democracy, USA made his maiden visit to India. So, the event that held with its authenticity, named as Namaste Trump. In the below following lines you will gonna find out all about Trump’s Visit to India.

Basically, this event Namaste Trump was the true reflection of the Mega event hosted by the USA for the Modi’s visit in Houston on September 22, 2019, named as ‘Howdy, Modi’. In this event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed something about 50000 heads in NRG Football Stadium in Texas. In his speech, PM Modi brokes out on some economic India-US relation. In his saying he also said that “abki baar, Trump Sarkaar”. Also, at the end of his speech, he invited President Trump to visit India with Family.

So, to strengthen the newly-built relations of India and the US, President Donald Trump accepted the gestured invitation of PM and made his maiden visit to this remarkable land of greatest leaders. And in order to his warm welcome, an event held in Ahmedabad, Namaste Trump. In this event both the leaders jointly addressed a huge crowd in the newly inaugurated cricket stadium. The crowd was that huge that it rest trump in the amazement.

Where Trump Visited in India

On a two-day packed trip to India, President Donald Trump found this Nation much greater as he anticipated. In his trip, he made a spectacular Golden Triangle Tour which was included with Delhi, Agra, and Ahmedabad. This visit of a foreign head of Government became one of the most enthralling and energetic rallies ever held in the World.

Trump Started his Trip from the Land of Peace Ahmedabad

Upon the landing of Air Force One, PM Modi received President with the First Lady Melania Trump, his daughter, and his son-in-law at Ahmedabad Airport. Several cultural programmed were held at that airport in the reverence of the President’s Visit. From where they all moved to Sabarmati Ashram to pay the homage to that one great leader, Mahatma Gandhi.

For the very first time in his diligent life, he circled the much-known Charkha and keenly waited to visit the Sardar Patel Cricket Stadium. This stadium is the largest Cricket Stadium in the World, able to house more than 100000 people. This stadium was fully packed on this event and the crowd burst out with all the enthusiasm and love as both the leaders’ entered the addressing arena.

PM Modi took the first charge, he says “I think today we can see history being repeated. 5 months back I started my US trip with ‘Howdy Modi’ and today my friend President Donald Trump is starting his Indian Tourism with ‘Namaste Trump’ here in Ahmedabad. You are heartily welcome in the largest democracy of the world. This is Gujarat but the entire country is enthusiastic in welcoming you.”

PM Modi lauds Donald Trump for visiting Sabarmati Ashram immediately upon landing in India, welcomes the entire Trump family to India. Modi says, “Namaste Trump has a deeper meaning for all of us and this visit will only further strengthen our ties”.

PM Modi chants ‘India-US friendship’ and audience at Motera Stadium responds with “long live, long live”.

PM Modi says, “India-US relations are no longer just another partnership. It is a far greater and closer relationship. One is ‘land of the free’ the other believes the world is one family. One feels proud of ‘Statue of Liberty’ the other feels proud of ‘Statue of Unity’.”

After the completion of PM Modi’s Speech, it was the turn of Trump he says “we have travelled 8,000 miles because we value our relations with India”.

“America loves India, America respects India and America will always be a faithful and loyal friend to the Indian people. 5 months ago the United States welcomed your great Prime Minister at a giant football stadium in Texas and today India welcomes us at the world’s largest cricket stadium right here in Ahmedabad”.

“Everybody loves PM Modi, but let me tell you he is very tough. He started as a chaiwala and now he is leading the largest democracy in the world. It shows Indians can go anywhere with hard work,” says Donald Trump.

Donald Trump: PM Modi you are not just the pride of Gujarat, you are living proof that with hard work and devotion, Indians can accomplish anything at all, anything they want. The Prime Minister is a moving story of an incredible rise.

When Donald Trump was speaking the true relation of India and US were reflecting from his worlds. He made several gestures and cried to communicate with the crowd in the language in which they have mastered. After that, they left the Stadium for the further scheduled programs.

From the airport of Ahmedabad, Trump Family landed in Agra there they were greeted by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath.

Upon the arrival in Agra, they visited the Taj Mahal and spend some time in grasping the beauty of this wondrous monument. Both Donald Trump and Melania Trump roamed in the compound of this monument with holding the hands of each other.

Also, he says “The Taj Mahal inspires awe. A timeless testament to the rich and diverse beauty of Indian culture. Thank you, India.”

With the portrait of Taj Mahal as a souvenir presented by CM Yogi Adityanath, he moved towards the capital city of India, Delhi.

He spends the night in the ITC Maurya and savoured the timeless beauty of this National City. Having the dinner with delegates he discussed over the topics for which this trip was organized and the next day he left out to the US as the Air Force One lands on the lands of Delhi’s Airport.

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